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Recycling a Problem

We take garbage and recycling pickup for granted. The people who do it are reliable and good, but of course, they aren’t perfect, and whenRead More

Bad $$$$ Transfer

He wanted to transfer money from his South Florida bank account to an account in Jamaica, but the transfer didn’t go through, and the moneyRead More

Murder and Car Troubles

Getting another driver’s car insurance to pay when you are hit can be difficult. But listen to this one: One insurance company says they don’tRead More

Tree Cut Wrong Way

The neighbor had a tree that he wanted to cut down. He did. Only problem: It didn’t fall the way he planned, and instead, itRead More

Scammed out of a trip

There are plenty of scammers out there who rip off, not just good people, but good, smart people. How? Because some scammers are very clever.Read More

Court Costs

He plead not guilty. He thought everything was taken care off till he got a bill for court costs and wondered, how can you beRead More

Run Down House

It’s not unusual to see a house empty for a couple of years, deteriorating and bringing down values of all the homes around it. ButRead More