He Said-She Said

WSVN — This woman is being carted off to jail, facing a charge of aggravated battery with a motor vehicle.

Her former boyfriend told police she ran over his feet with her car in November, but she says she's the real victim.

Carmel Cafiero: "Initially it was a business relationship?"

Evangelina Irigoyen, Arrested: "Absolutely, yes."

Carmel Cafiero: "And then it developed into a romance?"

Evangelina Irigoyen, Arrested: "Yes."

Evangelina Irigoyen told 7News her relationship with Cesar Vadala did not last long or end well.

Evangelina Irigoyen, Arrested: "He become obsessed. He's a guy who says, 'No one says 'No' to me. I get what I want, and you are staying with me, no matter what.'"

Carmel Cafiero: "Were you afraid he was going to hurt you?"

Evangelina Irigoyen, Arrested: "Absolutely."

She tried to get a restraining order, claiming he was stalking her and she was afraid.

One of the texts she told the court he sent:

Evangelina Irigoyen, Arrested: "You will cry bloody tears."

But the court shot down her request, saying threats to kill are insufficient for a restraining order.

After that, Vadala claimed to be the victim, saying he went to her apartment building to get some property back. That's when he says she drove her car over his feet and he called the cops.

In part, the police report reads, "The victim had no visible injury but complained of pain in both feet." He was taken to the hospital.

Evangelina says she never ran over him.

Carmel Cafiero: "You didn't even have an incident with him?"

Evangelina Irigoyen, Arrested: "Absolutely not, absolutely not."

Evangelina's attorney wanted to prove he wasn't hurt, so a private investigator was hired.

The day after he went to the hospital, the ex-boyfriend was found walking on Miami Beach.

Robert Crispin, Private Investigator: "Clearly, you can see he's in sandals, he's got no injuries."

The private investigator later videotaped him walking again and sitting on a bench and wrapping his left foot.

Robert Crispin, Private Investigator: "He's opened his black dufflebag, and he's now installing a cast onto his foot."

Robbie Crispin followed Vadala to the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, where he says he walked with a limp.

A spokesman says Vadala was there to file charges against Evangelina but was told he would have to go to the police department to do so.

After a bus ride back to the beach, Vadala removes his cast, freshens up, and walks away.

Ron Lowy, Attorney: "If he wants to claim that he put it on because it was hurting at that moment, why then when he left the building did he take it right off?"

Evangelina's attorney says authorities would not listen to her side of the story.

Ron Lowy, Attorney: "They didn't want to meet with Evangelina, they didn't want to meet with me, they didn't want to discuss the evidence. We feel that's an outrage. We don't feel that's doing justice."

Major Delrish Moss, Miami Police Department: "The bottom line is, the probable cause does exist to say the incident did take place."

The Miami Police Department insists it has evidence to back up Vadala's claims of injury.

As for the video?

Major Delrish Moss, Miami Police Department: "Now whether or not he's a good actor or whether or not he has a serious, serious injury, those aren't things that are in our purview to look at."

We were unable to contact Vadala for comment.

Meanwhile, after a mug shot and a night in jail, Evangelina has been released on bond.

It will be up to the courts to decide this He Said, She Said.