Halloween Apps

WSVN — If you want scary, our first app is a real screamer. "Zombie Booth" instantly transforms your pictures from fab to freaky.

Take a picture or pull one from your camera. Roll zombie booth customized 3D effects are dead-on scary. Tap to change effects and build a collection of the undead for a killer good time.

And speaking of spooky "Halloween!" is full of tricks with scary sound effects, ringtones and creepy music loops and halloween wallpaper.

There's trick or treat trivia and hundreds of costume ideas for kids and adults. There's even a Halloween flashlight so you're never lost in the dark.

"Ghost Hunters" will love this one. Ghost radar uses the sensors on your phone to find and analyze paranormal activity. Set your flux sensitivity to low, medium or high. Voice activation lets you know what the ghosts are saying and the blips on the radar screen. Let you know that we are not alone.

Craig Stevens: "Zombie Booth and Halloween! are free. Ghost Radar is 99 cents."


ZOMBIE BOOTHhttps://market.android.com/details?id=com.motionportrait.ZombieBooth&hl=en


Ghost Radarhttp://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ghost-radar/id314696635?mt=8