Go Green Apps

WSVN — We all have a garbage can, but we can reduce our waste by recycling.

iRecycle is an app that tells you what you can and cannot recycle and where you can drop it.

Just click on one of the 12 categories it has, choose the item and the app will use your GPS to locate nearby centers that accept it.

If you want to save the world and make a friend or two, Carma carpooling is a network that connects you to people near you that have the same commute.

No matter if to or from work or a friend’s house, you can now save money by sharing a ride. At the end of the trip, the driver receives payment from the rider based on the distance traveled. Make money and have an environmentally friendly commute.

Know a little more about the products you buy. GoodGuide rates products on how eco-friendly they are. With a search bar and a barcode scanner to help you locate all sorts of items from pet food to clothing brands.

The app rates them on health, environment and their social impact, and if your favorite items are not so friendly. The apps gives you alternatives that might have your seal of app-roval.

All of today’s apps are free to download.

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