Flab to Fab

No matter who you are there’s probably a part of your body you want to tighten.

For Cheryl Dunham it’s the loose skin on her arms.

Cheryl Dunham: “Whenever I wore something short-sleeved I felt like my arms had that crepe-y look to them.”

New mom Crystal Fattizzi says her biggest concern is a flabby stomach and a c-section scar.

Crystal Fattizzi: “After I had my daughter it was on and off with weight loss and it just loses some elasticity.”

Anne Melican feels like her neck really shows her age.

Anne Melican: “It’s the sagginess, the feel of it, the look of it. It’s depressing.”

All of the women decided to treat their trouble spots with a new machine called the Venus Freeze.

Dr. Cornell Calinescu: “Wherever you have flabby skin, the chin, the neck, the body, we can target that.”

Despite it’s name the machine isn’t actually freezing anything. It actually uses radio frequency and magnetic technology to blast fat cells.

Dr. Cornell Calinescu: “When we penetrate with thermal properties the cell explodes and the fat contents within the cell get eliminated. At the same time, the heat makes the cell not only destroyed but it produces collagen. Collagen is what makes the result with the filling of wrinkles and skin tightening at the same time.”

Patients say the treatments are painless.

Crystal Fattizzi: “It was extremely relaxing kind of like a warm stone massage.”

But like many of the non-invasive cosmetic treatments these days, you will need four to ten procedures for long-term results.

Dr. Cornell Calinescu: “You look great immediately. There is no downtime but you do have to repeat it every so often.”

After just one treatment on her neck Anne felt and saw the difference.

Anne Melican: “It feels wonderfully glowing and warm. I want to do my whole face and maybe my whole body.”

Cheryl had six treatments and says she is no longer afraid to show off her arms.

Cheryl Dunham: “The crepe-iness of the skin seems to be absolutely gone.”

Crystal had seven treatments on her stomach.

Crystal Fattizzi: “It contoured the sides of my stomach where you would have your muffin top it wasn’t so bumpy, very smooth.”

And liked the results so much she bought a new bathing suit for an upcoming trip.

The cost of a Venus Freeze treatment can range from $200 to $400. Depending on the area you treat.


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