Erase The Ink

Removing a tattoo isn’t always quick and easy, but a new laser treatment is promising results with fewer treatments. 7’s Diana Diaz shows us a breakthrough way to erase the ink.

WSVN — For Suzy Stanton, getting a tattoo wasn’t a spontaneous thing. It was a tribute of sorts.

She had the name “Chad” inked on her hip after her boyfriend, Chad, passed away in 2004.

Suzy Stanton: “It was security, it was a sense he was still there looking out over me, a remembrance.”

Ten years later she’s now engaged to another man and wants to put the painful past, and the tattoo, behind her.

Suzy Stanton: “I did meet somebody great, and I just felt it was time. I have a beautiful son with him, and I don’t need it anymore.”

Microvascular surgeon David Gilbert is using a new FDA approved laser called Picosure to remove Suzy’s tattoo.

Dr. David Gilbert: “It’s known as the “Eraser”.

Dr. Gilbert traces the laser over the tattoo like he’s coloring and it targets the ink with short pulses of light.

Dr. David Gilbert: “That penetrate through the skin and attack the ink particles that are just under the skin. It breaks the particles up and enables the blood cells to remove the tiny fragments of ink that remain.”

Patients will feel some stinging, but unlike getting a tattoo, the pain is over quickly.

Dr. David Gilbert: “A tattoo the size of a playing card can be treated within 60 seconds or less. One of the big troublesome areas for traditional lasers were blue, green, and black. The Picosure literally eats that type of ink up.”

And while other lasers can take up to 20 treatments, Dr. Gilbert says the Picosure gets quick results.

Dr. David Gilbert: “The tattoo can typically be successfully removed between three and six visits.”

Fifty-seven-year old Mario Musco regrets a tattoo he got on his arm about 28 years ago.

Mario Musco: “Now I don’t like snakes, I’m not into snakes.”

After three treatments, Mario is watching the tattoo disappear before his eyes.

Mario Musco: “It’s looking so good now with only the third time and I’m really excited, I want this thing gone.”

As for Suzy, she’s had two treatments and is excited to see the painful memory of Chad fade away.

Suzy Stanton: “It’s a moving forward step.”

A Picosure treatment starts at $190 and you’ll need six weeks between treatments.

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