Detect Danger

A South Florida doctor is the first to get a new machine that can provide answers sooner regarding the presence or absence of breast cancer. 7s Diana Diaz shows us this new machine that can help Detect Danger.

WSVN — Diane Sklar had surgery a few weeks ago to remove cancer in her left breast.

Diane Sklar: “When I had my normal mammogram, there was nothing there.”

A traditional mammogram missed it but thankfully, a new machine caught the tiny tumor.

Diane Sklar: “It was so small, it was as small as a pea. Thank God they found it.”

Dr. Vilma Biaggi of Breast Diagnostics in Aventura is the first doctor in South Florida to have Senobright Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography or CESM.

Dr. Vilma Biaggi: “This is a cutting-edge technology.”

It’s just like getting a regular mammogram but before images of the breasts are taken, patients are injected with a small amount of a non-ionic contrast that will help highlight suspicious areas.

Dr. Biaggi: “If there are abnormal cells the cells are very attracted to the glucose of the contrast and they flare up.”

Unlike a traditional mammogram, the pictures only show the areas of concern.

Dr. Biaggi: “The healthy areas disappear by this process, and the areas of concern really light up. With this technology we can see very clearly the area of concern.”

The doctor can view the images immediately, and if there is something abnormal there…

Dr. Biaggi: “The same day it can be biopsied. The process of waiting and uncertainty is cut to practically nothing.”

Right now, the machine is used as a follow-up to a suspicious or inconclusive mammogram or to get better answers for certain patients.

Dr. Biaggi: “Dense breasts, high-risk patients, patients with strong family history of breast cancer. Patients that had breast cancer and had a lumpectomy and want to make sure they don’t have a reoccurrence.”

Diane thinks the technology saved her from something worse down the road.

Diane Sklar: “Lifesaver. Lifesaver. Without a doubt. Everyone is calling me and I tell them I’m fine, everything is good, not to worry about Diane.”

The cost is around $650 and some insurance’s will pay for part of the procedure.


Senobright Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography


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