Cold Ca$h

WSVN — Ricardo Vargas likes gadgets, especially remote-controlled ones.

Ricardo Vargas: “I can do lighting in the house, as well as doing the alarm system and the garage.”

But his favorite gizmo these days is also a money-saver. It’s a remote controlled digital thermostat called Nest.

Ricardo Vargas: “If I go on vacation the thermostat– oops! I forgot to set it.”

Ricardo Vargas: “I can log into my app and put it in away mode, vacation mode.”

AC expert Ivan Smith of Florida Career College says there are many remote-controlled thermostats on the market these days, all designed for convenience and savings.

Ivan Smith: “You can save money because this system, you can program from any place, anywhere, on the computer, on an application for your phone, so it gives you closer control of your temperature at home.”

And being able to adjust the AC remotely translates into cold-hard cash in your pocket.

Ricardo Vargas: “I would save about two to three hundred dollars per year.”

Ricardo also makes sure his system is always working at its best. That means a yearly inspection by a certified technician, making sure filters are clean and keeping the area around the outside unit free of debris.

Ivan Smith: “It’s just once a week with a water hose, going around making sure you clean your coils off.”

Experts say it’s the little things that can save you big. Like cooking early in the day when its cooler, and keeping the sun out of your house during the heat of the day.

Ivan Smith: “Anything you could do during the day, that’s going to keep heat from being loaded into your home, close your blinds, your shades, your curtains, all of those things help your system to run more efficiently and effectively.”

Just paying attention will help you keep your cool and save you money.

Ricardo Vargas: “It’s an energy savings anyway you look at it. That is worth is for me.”

The Nest thermostat costs about $250, and the app is free.

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