Cabaret South Beach

Take your places it’s show time in South Beach. In tonight’s Style File, 7s Belkys Nerey shows us where you can find some of Miami’s best talent at a new cabaret lounge.

WSVN — They’ll have you singing a new tune at Cabaret South Beach.

Edison Farrow-Owner, The Cabaret South Beach: “I grew up in New York where they were a lot of cabarets and piano bars, and I always thought we were missing that here.”

Buckle up, the performers at this intimate, new lounge are the real deal.

Jennifer Walden-Guest: “I’m blown away. How can you not have a good time?”

Their voices and acts are taking cabaret to new heights.

Edison Farrow-Owner, The Cabaret South Beach: “We have drummers, saxophone, guitar, sometimes aerialist, burlesque dancers.”

Oh, and the performers are also your servers and bartenders.

Edison Farrow-Owner, The Cabaret South Beach: “Everyone had to audition, all of the servers and bartenders are professional performers.”

So one minute they’re making you a cocktail and the next, they’re blowing you away with their voice.

Performer: “I’ve been bartending for over ten years, I’ve been singing for well over 20 years. So to be able to do two things that I love the most it’s amazing.”

Vanessa Echevarra-“Envee” Performer: “We’re all real artists and we’re all trying to get our music out there. I love old glam, old Hollywood. I try to sing 50s, 60s 40s inspired music.”

Starting at 10 p.m. each night you’ll experience a variety of acts. Expect anything from Broadway show tunes to old school music like Alanis Morissette even a new school spin on Miley Cyrus.

Whitney Westwood-Guest: “Just the talent alone is incredible. The realm and variety that they have performed this evening is amazing.”

And if you’re not singing along well, shame on you, you should be.

Belkys Nerey: “All the cocktails are named after divas and old crooners and Cabaret offers a daily happy hour with a piano player from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.”


The Cabaret South Beach

233 12th St.

Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 763-8799