Busting Bacteria

WSVN — “Superbug” infections are on the rise in U.S. hospitals and health care facilities. The antibiotic-resistant bugs are hard to treat and can lead to death, which is why some companies are coming up with new solutions to stop the spread of these dangerous infections. 7’s Diana Diaz shows us how one local dentist’s office is “Busting Bacteria” with a light.

Dr. Kathy Garcia’s dental office in Plantation is always filled with kids.

Dr. Kathy Garcia: “Their hands are in their mouths, they’re touching the chairs, they’re touching things in the office.”

And concerns about spreading germs and bacteria are even higher at a dentist’s office.

Dr. Kathy Garcia: “The kids’ mouths are open the whole time. And, you know, we’re using water and air, and that’s how bacteria spreads through aerosol spray.”

Dawn Heverly: “When someone opens their mouth, there’s definitely germs in there, and if they’re sick, they’re going to spread it around the room.”

That means masks, gloves and thorough cleaning of surfaces are an absolute must, but to help better protect her staff and her little patients, Dr. Garcia has installed what’s called a Health Risk Management System, or HRMS.

Meredith Jimenez, American Green Technology: “It looks like an average lighting system up in the ceiling, but the beauty of it is, is that it eliminates pathogens.”

The new lighting system has vents that constantly suck in air from the room and then push the dirty air through an ultraviolet light.

Meredith Jimenez: “The way the UV works, it’s set at an ideal wavelength so when the pathogen passes over the light; it’s burnt up, and it’s useless. The dirty air goes in, and the clean air comes back out.”

The HRMS manufacturer says independent tests show the system eliminates certain dangerous airborne pathogens.

Meredith Jimenez: “We specifically tested for MRSA, staph, bacillus and Serratia. We found it effective to 99.7 percent. We believe this is one more safety mechanism against all the dangerous viruses and bacteria out there.”

The lights can be turned on and off, but the ultraviolet portion works around the clock. It has made the dental hygienists feel much better.

Dawn Heverly: “You know, there’s always the level of concern if you’re going to pick up some sort of germ or bring it home, so this just offers up that level of protection so you don’t have to worry about that.”

And for parents, it’s one less thing to worry about when taking kids to the dentist.

Gidget Saballos: “Very excited to hear about the lights. I do feel like it is a little bit more protection for my children with the germs, and my husband will love it because he’s a germophobe.”

The HRMS is already in use at health care facilities across the U.S., Canada, the Middle East and Mexico. Other South Florida hospitals and medical offices are also looking at installing it.

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