Breathe Better

WSVN — Pediatrician Jose Bengochea sees a lot of sick kids like 3-year-old Anelen, who’s battling a bad cough and a stuffy nose.

Jessica Garcell: “Hard time breathing, hard time sleeping.”

Dr. Bengochea says it’s hard for babies to breathe right when they’re congested.

Dr. Jose Bengochea: “Babies don’t know how to breathe through their mouths, so that puts the whole household in an uproar. They can’t sleep. They can’t eat.”

So the Coral Gables doctor started working on a solution.

He came up with this nasal aspirator kit called “BreathEasier”.

Dr. Jose Bengochea: “You apply the tip to the nose of the baby, and you suction. It might sound gross, but it’s not. Everything stays in the device. The mucous comes out of the nose, the nasal swelling decreases and the baby breathes.”

The device was made right here in the U.S. It’s BPA free and unlike other devices on the market, he says this one doesn’t scare babies.

Dr. Jose Bengochea: “With this device it has wings, it looks like a toy. They don’t feel threatened.”

Over the last year, the doctor had more than a hundred parents test it out.

Lorena Pino: “She was really sick, she was congested. She didn’t know what to do.”

Lorena Pino says it was a breath of fresh air for the whole household when her daughter Sofia was sick.

Loreno Pino: “When a baby doesn’t sleep, no one can sleep. So having breatheasier, it helped her breathe and sleep. We can all sleep too.”

The “BreathEasier” device costs about $13 and you can buy it at Dr. Bengochea’s office or online.

It can be used on children up to four years old.

For More Information:
Dr. Jose Bengochea
152 Almeria Avenue
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(305) 446-8377