7’s Top 7: Obituaries

WSVN — They were the TV parents we loved like our own: Barbara Billingsley, who played super mom June Cleaver on the 1950's series "Leave it to Beaver" and Tom Bosley, the lovable dad Mr. C, who always gave the best fatherly advice on "Happy Days."

Art Linkletter: "What are you making?"

Boy: "Art of my mother and father kissing."

We also said goodbye to radio and TV talk show pioneer Art Linkletter, who could always get kids to say the darndest things.

We also lost one of our favorite secret agents: TV actor Robert Culp, who teamed up with Bill Cosby in the racially groundbreaking 1960's TV series "I Spy."

John Forsythe: "Good morning, angels."

Angels: "Good morning, Charlie."

And who could forget this voice? John Forsythe had one of the longest careers in TV, first as the voice of Charlie on "Charlie's Angels," then starring as oil tycoon Blake Carrington on the prime-time soap "Dynasty."

Dixie Carter: "Suzanne, if sex were fast food, there would be an arch over your bed."

We lost some of TV's leading ladies from the 1980's and 1990's, like Dixie Carter and Rue McClanahan, who brought the sultry southern belle Blanche Devereaux to life on "The Golden Girls."

Rue McClanahan: "You just watch your mouth, Rose."

Gone too soon in 2010: two child star actors who struggled throughout their young lives. Gary Coleman died after an accidental fall at 42, and 80's teen heartthrob Corey Haim died at just 38 years old.

Some of Hollywood's biggest screen legends passed this year: Dennis Hopper, whose 50-year career included movies like "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Easy Rider;" Hollywood legend Tony Curtis, who fathered six children, including actress Jamie Lee Curtis; and just last month, we lost comedic actor Leslie Nielsen, who delivered many memorable lines in spoof movies like "The Naked Gun" and "Airplane!"

His "Airplane!" costar, Peter Graves, also died earlier this year.

Some of music's greatest voices were silenced. R&B legend Teddy Pendergrass and Lena Horne, who broke racial barriers as a Hollywood and Broadway star.

In the world of sports, the death of a legend.

George Steinbrenner: "The best decision I ever made was to buy the Yankees."

George Steinbrenner built the New York Yankees into a sports empire.

And as we close out 2010, we remember another radiant star whose strength shined until the end. Elizabeth Edwards passed away this month after a long battle with breast cancer.

Elizabeth Edwards: "Sometimes, the treatment gets you down, but the disease is not getting me down."

But Elizabeth held her head high until the end for those who mattered the most: her children.

Elizabeth Edwards: "I knew I was going to die at some point before I wanted to, and I wanted them to not think of me as a victim. I'm not a victim. I never want to be perceived that way."

And it's her resiliency for which she will be remembered most.

Craig Stevens: "As we close out 2010, we remember all those bright stars whose lights will still shine on in our hearts."