7’s Top 7: Local/State

WSVN — They may be the most disturbing and lasting images of 2010. Fifteen-year old Josie Lou Ratley clinging to life after a vicious attack.

Student: "He slammed this girl's head into the concrete and he did it repeatedly."

Police say Wayne Treacy relentlessly beat the Deerfield Beach student over a text message.

Treacy's interrogation: "She said something about my dead brother and it really got to me."

The next fight was Josie's.

Josie's mom crying: "She's, recovering very slowly."

Slowly through the year Josie made astonishing progress.

Two other Broward girls also shared a strong will to survive.

Teagan's Dad: "She was dead, she was dying."

Teagan Marti free falling 10 stories to the ground at a Wisconsin amusement park.

911 caller: "Hi, someone just got hit by a car at Archbishop McCarthy High School."

And Monica Pong lost her leg after being pinned against a concrete pillar by a car.

Monica Pong: "I just kind of felt like this happened, it happened, there is nothing I can do, let's just move forward."

A $230 million deficit pushing Jackson Memorial Hospital, the nation's third largest public health system, to the brink of fiscal flat lining.

CEO: "Jackson Health System will not run out of cash."


After some layoffs and restructuring, Jackson was able to keep its doors open. By year's end the CEO announced she was stepping down.

A massive rally in Miami this year.

Gloria Estefan: "Thank you Miami, this shows that we are one people. We are the people that love and defend freedom."

Gloria Estefan leading some 100 thousand people in a march through Little Havana in support of the Cuban protest group. The "Ladies in White."

South Florida teachers going to Tallahassee to protest a bill that would have tied teacher pay to student test scores.

Teacher: "This bill is dangerous, it's couched in dangerous language."

Governor Charlie Crist vetoed it.

It was judgment day for a South Florida ponzi schemer. Scott Rothstein sentenced to 50 years in federal prison.

Angry Victim: "He deserves 100."

The 33-year-old state law banning gay people from adopting children struck down.

Martin Gill: "For me, my partner, and everybody in this room, I think it's a huge victory."

A swat situation at this Coral Gables bank police said a teller was taken hostage, strapped with explosives, and forced to hand over cash. Still no arrests in the heist.

Charges dropped against accused cat killer Tyler Weinman, after experts concluded animals, not a human, killed the cats.

Tyler Weinman: "There was no crime. It was just a witchhunt. They wanted a warm body to hold up in front of everybody. It's terrible."

Visitor: "The tiger chased the monkey."

A scary scene at Jungle Island after a 600 pound Bengal tiger jumped a fence.

Visitor: "All of a sudden, out of nowhere, this tiger just comes leaping in the air with one paw up."


Some big shakeups in leadership in 2010.

South Florida got a new archbishop. Thomas Wenski taking over for retiring archbishop John Favalora.

John Favalora: "I think everyone should know when it is time for him to get off the stage."


Off the stage is exactly where car dealer Norman Braman would like to see Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

Norman Braman: "It's up to the voters to decide, do we want more of this, or do we want to finally do something about government in this community?"

Braman launching a recall effort against Alvarez after the mayor's backing of a property tax increase while boosting salaries of some county employees. Alvarez ready for the recall fight.

Carlos Alvarez: "It's in the voters' hands. Am I going to worry about it? absolutely not."

And finally, former healthcare CEO and billionaire Rick Scott rocketing onto the political map with four simple words.

Rick Scott Ad: "Let's get to work"

Scott beating Alex Sink in the race for governor.

Blake Burman: "You are the governor-elect, has it set in yet?"

Rick Scott: "No, of course not, just got to go do a good job."

Scott is set to be sworn in as Florida's 45th governor on January 4th. He's bringing back the traditional inaugural ball. A party Charlie Crist had canceled.