The Most Intriguing Accessory of 2014

When the holidays are over, I always have a bit of a glitz and glamour withdrawal. Especially, as I tuck away my sparkly jewelry and bedazzled clothing reserved only for wear during what I call “The Golden Weeks.”

 Those are the days that fill up the time between Thanksgiving through New Year’s. It’s that four-to five-week period, depending on the calendar year, when festive fashions (anything shiny, dripping with faux fur or buttery, velvety textures) should be enjoyed, never judged.

 Still, despite the fun and frilliness of it all, when it’s all packed up, the rest of my wardrobe seems paltry. Pathetic, even. If that weren’t enough, it’s also the time of year when I start that long, arduous walk (think “March of the Penguins” here) of trying to look fashionable in-between seasons.

 More specifically, Winter to Spring. Hence, the birth of ready-to-wear’s cruise and/or resort collections. Which cater to people who want to go to vacation land, not necessarily to the Florida fashionista that already lives in it. 

 My glitter withdrawal/fashion funk wouldn’t last long, though, after a trip to JugoFresh on South Beach. After downing some nasty green concoction (that promised to rid me of my holiday gluttony) I wandered into Blush Boutique, a few doors down. I love Blush because of its “laid back California surfer girl meets Miami vixen” signature style.

 After picking out a few cool t’s to spice up my work wardrobe, I spotted The Most Intriguing Accessory of 2014; a full length, embellished rhinestone ear cuff. At first I thought it was a broach, but upon closer examination, I realized it was the newest trend in ear gear.

 The reason I call it The Most Intriguing Accessory of 2014 isn’t because it’s the best thing I’ve seen in the last few weeks. It’s because accessory trends follow us from the prior year and frankly, 2013 was a bit messy with knuckle rings, spiked earrings, stacked bracelets and dainty charm necklaces. I like each separately, but together, it was a bit of a mess.

 The ear cuff, on the other hand, is the boldest, bravest and best accessory I’ve seen in a long time that stands on its own. It’s not only adventurous, it’s futuristic and reminds me of what they would wear on the Star Trek Enterprise. I guess it’s no longer the future generation, it’s the generation of NOW.

 An ear cuff is best worn for an evening out or a special occasion. It’s definitely a statement piece. The key to wearing it well is to keep it simple, build around it, making it the centerpiece of an outfit. Don’t be afraid to show it off by pulling your hair back, or wearing it to one side. I find the cuff looks most beautiful with monochromatic clothing. It highlights the drama of it all. 

 Trying a new trend is the perfect way to start the new year and to rid oneself of the “I want to wear something sparkly but it’s not the holidays anymore” blues. And, to quote Star Trek, isn’t it fun to go “Where no (wo) man has gone before?”

 My ear cuff cost me less than 50 dollars.

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