Seconds anyone? Deco turns Thanksgiving leftovers into hearty dishes

This Thanksgiving, don’t cry over all those leftovers. From turkey, to veggies to cranberries — there are plenty of ways to make some delicious meals this weekend. Deco has all the fixin’s.

All that left over turkey, veggies and stuffing. Now you’re stuck figuring out what to do with it. Chef Janine Booth from Stiltsville Fish Bar on Miami Beach says make some hush puppy croquettes.

Janine Booth, chef: “It’s a really simple process. You don’t really need a recipe for it. Take a little bit of whatever you have, chop it all up. Mash it all up together, a little bit of seasoning, salt pepper, scallions. We did some really simple breading, threw them in the fryer.”

It’s all gravy from there — just top it with cranberries and drizzle some gravy on the plate.

Got a sweet tooth? Her partner Jeff McInnis has a recipe that’s sweet as pie.

Well, it involves pie or any type of cake and cookies you have and some ice cream.

Jeff McInnis, chef: “Take a ice cream from the grocery store, get it a little bit soft, chop up your pies, it’s as easy as throwin’ it in a tupperware. You’re just mashing some ice cream up.”

The folks at Beach Bar in Sunny Isles are also cooking up something good.

Joe Zebrowski, bar owner: “We’re gonna be looking at a turkey tetra-zeeney.”

Sounds good already.

Joe Zebrowski: “Sauté up some mushrooms in garlic butter and make a nice white wine sauce. Combine that with some shredded turkey, some green peas, some bacon.”

Sauté all that up and then put it on top of pasta.

And you’ve got yourself a hearty meal this weekend.

You’ll also want to gobble up the braised turkey popover sandwich from Miami Beach’s BLT Steak.

Carlos Torres, chef: “We shred the turkey, then we add the gravy, and then we cook it.”

Throw it in a pan and cook it for 30 to 45 minutes.

Then slice open the popover, or any type of bread you’ve got in the kitchen, and throw in those veggies.

Carlos Torres: “I used collard greens, but you can use creamed spinach, even the stuffing. You can put everything in there and you top it off with the braised turkey and Swiss cheese or whatever cheese you have.”

Now you have something else to be thankful for — leftovers!


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Beach Bar
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BLT Steak Miami
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