Salsa dancing at American Social

MIAMI (WSVN) - There are two kinds of salsa. One comes with chips in Mexican restaurants … the other heats up the dance floor. And that’s what you’ll find at Miami spot that’ll help you learn all the sexy moves. And when the lesson’s over — dance like a pro…

Wanna shake what your mama gave you like a salsa superstar? Now’s your chance…

The dance floor heats up every Wednesday night at American Social in Brickell.

Adam Perhosky: “From 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock, we have salsa lessons followed by a salsa bachata dance party from 10 o’clock ’til close.”

D.J. Mike Calderon heads up the music at the end of the evening. He’ll have you percolating to the sounds of salsa and flowing to the beat of bachata…

D.J. Mike Calderon: “Bachata is a Dominican type of music, which is danced more sensually and is a different type of genre than salsa, but it’s still very popular among the Latin people.”

Before you can bachata, you better learn to salsa…

Mike makes it easy. It’s all about the B.P.M. — beats per minute.

D.J. Mike Calderon: “Looking for the songs that have low B.P.M.’s like 89, 88 B.P.M.’s so the people who are taking the lessons, they go slowly because if you put on a fast song, they’re gonna be lost completely.”

Beginners are in the understanding hands of Tony, their dance instructor. He makes sure to break everything down and keeps things nice and simple.

D.J. Mike Calderon: “On Wednesday night, yes, it’s very gentle because it’s a free basic salsa class.”

No doubt these lessons will eventually have you seriously spinning, swaying and sweating … but it’s not going to happen overnight.

D.J. Mike Calderon: “It depends if they’re really passionate about the dance lessons and the music. They can pick it up within three months, six months it all depends on the person.”

Once the lesson’s over and the dance party begins, rookies can still learn by watching the veterans on the floor…

D.J. Mike Calderon: “At the dance party, that’s when all the dancers, like the hard-core salsa dancers, they come out.”

Here’s the great thing about Wednesday nights at American Social…

Whether you’re just starting out like Andre..

Andre: “It was awesome. It was good. I got a lot of work to do.”

Or you can tear it up like Liz…

Salsa dancing will free your body and your mind.

Liz: “You should come!”


American Social
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Miami, FL 33130
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