Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

In a flash!

In just a “flash” our south Florida weather can transform from tranquil to turbulent!   Many of you witnessed this (as did I, on theRead More

Soaker in sight?

A large area of moisture is expanding from the Bahamas toward south Florida.   We’re already seeing more clouds approach.   These could dump heavyRead More

All lined up?

A series of weather disturbances appear “lined up” from the Bahamas eastward.  These boundaries can be described as wrinkles in the atmosphere and potential storm-makers.Read More

Speedy showers

Fast moving rain bands with isolated storms have been on the move.   These keep originating over the open waters of the Atlantic, pressing westwardRead More

In the Soup

The summer steam is upon us.  This weekend you may notice a “better” breeze by the beaches.   Warm winds will push our way fromRead More

Just like July

Our weather pattern is right on target for this time of the year.   As we would expect, the mid July heat has us breakingRead More

High risers

High rising temperatures have been the rule.   Across south Florida both day and night readings are running higher than normal, so it feels veryRead More

Heat is here

Tropical heat is firmly holding over the region.   There’s also a huge supply of summer steam (thick humidity) that doesn’t show any signs ofRead More

Hot streak

Strong summer heat and humidity is expected this time of the year in south Florida.   So far in July, we’re actually getting a surplus.Read More

Simmer of summer

With fewer clouds (and less shade) the strength of the summer sun really shows through!   Bright and scorching sunshine remains a daily trend.  WhileRead More