Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

Holding pattern

Weak high pressure is hovering nearby.   It’s not strong enough to prevent rain showers from forming in south Florida.   Also, some colliding seaRead More

Summer break

Ok, summer hasn’t officially begun (it’s technically a week away) but we’re getting a break from the summer-like storms that have been in place forRead More

Stormy stretch

Our stormy stretch continues in south Florida.   For the past week, tropical moisture has been stuck over the region.   We’ve “felt it” inRead More

Staying active

Showers and storms have been pushing across much of Florida.   More of these “on and off” downpours will continue into the middle of the weekRead More

Tropical rains

Tropical downpours have been impacting much of  Florida.   Deep moisture has been drawn out of the tropics, courtesy of  Colin (the tropical storm leavingRead More

summer in swing

Even though it’s still technically spring, it’s been a leap into summer for all of south Florida.   High levels of heat and humidity haven’tRead More

Holiday heat

Seasonally hot weather prevails across south Florida.   Since we’ll barely muster a breeze, it will feel extra steamy as we round out May andRead More

On and off rain

It’s now our south Florida rainy season (and we’re actually two weeks into it).   As you’d expect, rain showers and storms can pop-up quicklyRead More

Early tropics?

Slightly ahead of schedule, the tropical season may be getting a quick start.   We’re watching a disturbance that’s northeast of the Bahamas and overRead More