Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

Not Naughty but nice!

Beautiful weather has been holding nicely this week.   At the heart of the pattern is high pressure which is directly over us!    The highRead More

Nice and warm

Florida is feeling the warmth this week.   South Florida, especially, is back to temperatures that are well above average.   Of course, it was only aRead More

Extra warm

Temperatures have definitely rebounded following last week’s lengthy cool spell.   Over the weekend, we were surging back to seasonal averages.  Now we’re even feeling additionalRead More

Warmer times, in sight

The “cold air connection” we felt all of last week is now gone.   Our south Florida air is now arriving off the Atlantic waters.   ThatRead More

Quiet start to the week

Most of this week’s weather changes are still a couple days away.  For now, we remain quiet with a breezy and mild start to theRead More

Drier times in sight

After a recent surge in rain activity, showers are beginning to fade.   If the forecast plays out as planned, rain chances will remain low allRead More

On and off rain

Showers have been skirting across many spots in south Florida.   Rain bands don’t typically last long as they’re helped along by a strong easterly breeze.  AnRead More

Showers return

Winds have fully turned off the ocean and that’s turning our attention back to the radar.   Showers have begun moving into parts of south Florida,Read More

Holiday heat?

It’s almost turkey time, and on Wednesday it felt like the oven was on!    Miami came within a degree of tying the record highRead More

Waves of rain?

There’s a good chance for rain showers leading up to Thanksgiving.   Heavy downpours, too,  will be possible due to a steady increase in moisture.   TheseRead More