Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

Rainy times ahead

Rain is set to make a big return.   Heavy downpours are likely as a tropical wave shifts over the northwest Bahamas toward south Florida.Read More

Area to watch

We’re keeping a close and watchful eye on a tropical-type  disturbance that’s east of the Bahamas.   At this point, it’s just a strong wave.Read More

Wave on the way

A tropical wave is approaching south Florida from the Bahamas.   It’s a weak wave, overall, but it’s set to bring rounds of rain showersRead More

The heat goes on

South Florida is running hot, and our hotter than average temperatures have been the rule nearly all summer.  The current weather pattern hasn’t changed muchRead More

Hello Gert, Goodbye Gert

Tropical Storm Gert has formed in the western Atlantic.   The season’s latest storm is currently over very warm water, east of the Bahamas.  Read More

Average in August?

We’re getting classic and timely August weather.   That means occasional downpours, the only relief from otherwise stifling summer heat.  Also, there’s a bit ofRead More

Franklin Forms

Tropical Storm Franklin has formed over the northwestern Caribbean Sea.   It is not a threat to Florida or the United States.  The storm isRead More

Some like it hot…

For those of you who are fond of strong heat and summer levels of humidity, you’re in luck.   Of course, it’s not much ofRead More

Flooding in focus

August is off to a very active start.   On Tuesday, prolonged rain and strong storms stirred up a lot of trouble.   Over theRead More