Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

Still summer?

Our current weather has many in south Florida wondering if the fall season actually arrived, or not, last month.   Of course, the rest of theRead More

A wave and more

A tropical wave is moving closer to south Florida.   The disturbance will add to already unsettled weather conditions.   Strong winds, heavy downpours and possible thunderRead More

Soggy times, in sight

After a brief break from the rain, it’s about to ramp up (again).   Showers will likely increase as a weak front sinks southward fromRead More

Windy and wetter?

Our weather pattern is on the verge of another change.   There’s soon to be a building breeze from the ocean.   It will happenRead More

Changes in sight

There are some weather changes on the way even though they’re not especially dramatic.   The most unsettled part of the new week comes “rightRead More

Friday Fall

Seasons are about to change.  Fall officially begins Friday afternoon (4:02 pm) even though south Florida won’t feel a “fall” anytime in the foreseeable future!Read More

Maria ramps up

Hurricane Maria is roaring into the eastern Caribbean.  On Monday, the system began to rapidly intensify.   By nightfall, it was up to category 5Read More

Quiet, for now

Tranquil weather remains in place across south Florida as the new week begins.   High pressure is providing mostly dry air and stable conditions.  Read More

Irma’s approach

Hurricane Irma remains a serious category 5 hurricane.   The latest position has the eye of  Irma passing north of  Puerto Rico.  The system willRead More

Hurricane Plan in place?

Hurricane Irma continues to grow in size and strength.   As of 5 pm, the center of the storm was less than 500 miles eastRead More