Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

Springing up

Spring showers were popping up over the weekend (and going back to last week).   Now, drier air is arriving.   High pressure that’s nowRead More

Sudden showers

Our weather has been unsettled since the middle of last week, and it hasn’t “settled down” this weekend.   On Saturday, bands of rain showersRead More

Taking a turn

A rather sudden shift is on the way.   Dry air that had been firmly in place is morphing into a wetter pattern.    We’veRead More

Changes in sight

We’ve been seeing similar weather going back to last week.   The pattern has proven nice, providing clear and dry conditions.    It’s worth notingRead More

Mild for March

It’s a quiet start to spring and (for now) we have mild air in place.   Temperatures are actually running a few degrees below averageRead More

Bigger Breeze

Winds have been picking up, but they won’t last very long.   Currently, we’re in between a weak cold front (that has crossed) and highRead More

Pretty quiet

Mild March weather is here.   Unlike many other times this month, it’s currently “not too warm” nor “too cool.”   It’s simply pleasant andRead More

Winter works south

The second cold front within 24 hours is crossing south Florida.   The first one sent strong storms into our area on Monday night (includingRead More

Cooling coming

Just days away from spring, we’re about to get a reminder that winter isn’t over yet.    A powerful cold front is dropping through theRead More

Mixed up weather ahead

I’d like to think that this week’s weather is going to make everyone happy.   The reason?   There’s a little bit of everything onRead More