Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

Transition time

We’re in transition mode.   The south Florida weather pattern has been abnormally dry over the past few days, but that appears to be changing.Read More

Summer break

We seem to be in a  “summer break” with our current weather pattern in south Florida.   While the sizzling temperatures continue, the so-called breakRead More

In a lull

We’re currently in a “weather lull” and it’s a pretty nice place to be.   As the weekend begins, south Florida will continue to findRead More

Feeling the heat

When rain is at a minimum, the strong summer sun has an easy time heating up!   That’s been the case, lately.   Across southRead More

Cindy roaring ashore

Tropical Storm Cindy is moving out of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico while creating a lot of wild weather in its wake.  The tropical systemRead More

Tracking Cindy in the Gulf

Tropical Storm Cindy continues to churn out the rain across the northern Gulf states.   So far the wettest locations extend from Louisiana through theRead More

Tangling with the tropics?

The tropics have suddenly been getting active.   It now looks like two systems will be classified in the near future.   The area mostRead More

Early season tropics

It’s early in the season for seeing a lot of  tropical activity (typically) yet we have the high potential of  at least one depression orRead More

Rainy days, and more

Another day, another downpour.   South Florida is getting accustomed to dealing with really rainy weather.   It’s been the theme since the onset ofRead More

Just June

There’s no shortage of heat and humidity as we approach the heart of  June.   South Florida is easily heating into the upper 80’s andRead More