Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

Rain in reach

Several factors are coming together to bring rain into south Florida, although gradually.   Lately, it’s been very dry and quiet.   A healthy breezeRead More

Pretty quiet

To get a weekend “this quiet” this far into May is extraordinary.    It’s often the time of the year when daytime showers move about,Read More

Wind trend

Gusty ocean winds have been blowing since the middle of the week.   They’ll stay strong (especially near the coast) throughout the weekend.    Meanwhile,Read More

Drenching downpours

Areas of rain have been arriving.  That’s good news for parts of south Florida where it’s been too dry for too long!    We’re tappingRead More

Ocean winds

Stronger winds have been ripping off of the ocean.   The gusty conditions are more noticeable by the beaches, but it’s also breezy along locationsRead More

Early summer!

Signals of summer are showing up across south Florida.   On both weekend days, hot temperatures reached record levels!   Miami hit 93 degrees onRead More

Hottest, so far

On Saturday, both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale saw temperatures soar above 90 degrees.   Miami was hottest, hitting 93 degrees during the afternoon.  That alsoRead More

Big weekend

It’s a big weekend as we honor Mother’s.   In south Florida, we’ll try to keep mom as comfortable as possible, despite growing heat andRead More

Strong sunshine

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger.   Yes, it’s May.   Often this time of year feels hotter than theRead More

Growing hotter

Hot weather is building back.   Of course, we had a little break over the past weekend and earlier this week.    Now, the heatRead More